Michael Jordan - CEO

Lover of all things geek, it is I, Michael! JoJo jokes aside, I am the guy behind the programming, site set up, team management, reviews management and frequent contributor.
E-mail: Michael@Dangerous-Pixels.com

Ship 2 Block 20 is currently being re tooled. All associated staff have been released at this time. If you have further questions, contact Michael Jordan via Email.

Matthew Sigler - News Intern

Gamertics Managing Editor in training; Ship2Block20 Contributor; Meme; Failure

Joshua Wiitala - Editor

Just a man who has been playing video games against doctors orders for nearly 30 years. The 80's was filled with idiots.

Amy Erwin - EiC

Admirer of Fashion, Closeted Seamstress, Avid Spreader of Consumer Information and Confident Pen 'n Ink concept artist. May also suffer from a fixation with Japanese Culture.
E-mail: Amy@CosplayCrisis.com

Averie Krahling - J Fashion Editor

Lover of Lolita fashion, nerd culture, theatre, history, and all things dark and spooky. Wants to be a playwright but always gets hired as a costume designer.

Charlotte Lafage - J-Fashion